Memory Devours
Erika Larson
Erika Larson is an experimental film editor and collage artist from Nashville, Tennessee. Her film and collage works bleed into each other in theme and arrangement. The themes she explores are power, fantasy, and memory. She hopes to ask questions rather than make statements.

Her upcoming thesis film, Memory Devours, uses degraded and glitched footage to attempt to mimic the formation of memory and it's relation to trauma and nostalgia. It was coedited by fellow filmmaker Fiona Bailey. A preview is available below.
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By Memory Devours
3-30-21 experimentation_6
By Memory Devours
3-20-21 experimentation_1
By Memory Devours
3-30-21 experimentation_3
By Memory Devours
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By Memory Devours
Memory Devours Preview
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