Zhongyu Chen
Zhongyu Chen
Hi! my name is Zhongyu Chen and I am an interior designer. Being creative and optimistic are my characteristics, and I have been practicing continuous innovation and bold experiments under the premise of sustainable resource development.
By Zhongyu Chen
Artist Statement
When designing each project, I will give it unique cultural significance. Each project will be endowed with natural cultural characteristics by the area in which it is located. Exploring the connection between natural elements and contemporary urban lifestyles is my main concern. The city should embrace forests, rivers, and mountains and develop harmoniously with each other. The natural elements of different regions deeply influence the local architecture. From abstraction to concreteness, imitation to innovation, separation to integration, the boundary between urban architecture and nature has become increasingly blurred. Therefore, I will look for the cultural memory of the building according to the environment of the building and reflect this cultural symbol. Of course, this method is not limited to the regional environment but also applies to the wishes of the users. Creating an indoor environment that satisfies both the users and the building itself in the direction of my specialization.
Thesis_Customized Experience
Color Power
Fire+Charcoal Cafe