Cong Ding
Cong Ding
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By Cong Ding
Artist Statement
My work encompasses a wide scope, ranging from exhibitions to installations, websites to woodworking and restaurants to single-family residence. I believe that design is a creative process that incorporates culture, experiences, and clients' needs. Informed by a multi-cultural background, growing up in China, educated in the United States, and formed in Europe, I understand the difference between cultures. I'm passionate about incorporating cultural elements into the design, relating design to the local context, and enhancing educational aspects.
I have done professional work, including construction drawings and tutoring. I have various interests in life, including traveling, photography, painting and chess games. Also, I run an investing website in both simplified and traditional Chinese, which I have a great interest in website design.
I'm a team player, patient and collaborative. I'm good at communicating with clients and listening to their needs. I'm interested in hospitality, cafe/restaurants, single-family residence, and retail projects. I'm looking for any job opportunities and willing to learn and cultivate.