Candy Zhu
Candy Zhu
I am a game designer who create games for the purposes of telling stories.
Snowman 1
By Candy Zhu
Snowman 2
By Candy Zhu
By Candy Zhu
Postcard 4
By Candy Zhu
Enviroment Art
By Candy Zhu
Bloodshed at Sea Art
By Candy Zhu
Bloodshed at Sea Art 2
By Candy Zhu
Shards of happiness
By Candy Zhu
Betrayal StoryBoard Page 1
By Candy Zhu
Artist Statement
What I aim for is not the perfection of art but to use this medium to tell a good story. My main goal is to write impactful life-changing stories.
Betrayal antimanic
My first animatic with a theme about betrayal.
Betrayal the animation
The animatic was fully animated.
Another animation I did with a creepy twist about a game of tag.
Sound Designing 1
My first time practicing sound design
Sound Designing 2
My second time practicing sound design and I loved it.
Bloodshed At Sea
A world I built inspired by the little mermaid tale.
A world I built about the evolution of life with a little bit of magic involved.