Online Funeral & Remote Mourning
Naixin Kang
Funeral is a long and complicated process to go through. It is even more challenging for families of deceased when they are not around. Plus mourning is a silent loss process that make people feel difficult to deal with.
So I'm designing an online service system to make whole process easy to go through by professional instructions in long-distance situations. Customized mourning products will give user an opportunity to better express mourning feelings.
Naixin Kang_Remote mouring & online funeral
By Online Funeral & Remote Mourning
By Online Funeral & Remote Mourning
By Online Funeral & Remote Mourning
By Online Funeral & Remote Mourning
Artist Statement
Naixin Kang is an Industrial Designer comes from China,Xinjiang. She got her undergraduate degree from University of Liverpool,school of engineering in UK and currently studying at Pratt Institute,master Industrial Design in Brooklyn,NY. Making physical models, digital modeling, and comprehensive and persuasive research are her passion. She hopes that design can improve people's quality of life and optimize people's lifestyles. She hopes that her design can solve the valid problems.
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