Seeded Junktion: Healing Earthself
Onyi Egbochue
Today, we recognize Afrofuturism as a historic movement, one in which Black people creatively revel in the black imaginary as a way to deal with hardship. Afrofuturism intersects science-fiction, magic, fantasy, and other speculative spaces, giving Black and Brown people of the Diaspora the agency to create their own narrative while jumping back and forth and in-between the past, present, and future.
In an alternate reality, the severed connection between humankind and Earth has been restored. Through seeding and tending the Earth as an act of love and resistance, nature and humankind finally exist harmoniously. Working together with the land, people transmit cultural memories and rituals.

This project is based in West Oakland rich in culture, creativity, playfulness, and resistance. Historically, Black people of Oakland have fought against many injustices pertaining to human rights such as food and land access. Roughly two-thirds of Oakland lies on flatland and the other one-third resides on the foothills and hills of East Bay.
Currently, Oakland is one of the largest food deserts in the US, and the people suffering from food insecurity are those who live on the flatlands. Three factors that have contributed to this problem include the redlining of property in West Oakland, the influx of tech and business mongrels - which aided a tech-fueled economic boom, and an increasingly large wealth gap. And with the economic divide between classes embedded in the geology of the land, advanced gentrification targets specifically stakeholders such as the Asian, Latinx, Black, and Indigenous communities who face the possibility of rootshock - the traumatic stress reaction to the loss of some or all of one's physical and emotional ecosystem. And yet, this specific story is not a new one for many American cities. However, changing this over-told story can start with just one site, one seed.

Obscuring both realities and time itself begs the question of how might tending to the ground rekindle our relationship with Earth? This thesis aims to create a space that heals and envisions a future that is mutually beneficial to the success of marginalized communities of color, all while allowing the earth to rest and recovery from current destructive practices. The earth itself represents liberation, self-determination, and self-reliance, and the destruction of the earth coincides with the continuation of injustice towards marginalized communities of color.

This playful, junky mindset allows for innovative and critical thought on what lies ahead and helps us envision and summon better futures – ones where we “right” our stories, ones where we have the power to incite systemic change. Our future publics must support both marginalized communities of color and the Earth in tandem. Starting now. Enough is enough.
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