William Bermudez
William Bermudez
William Bermudez is an Argentine American writer/director from Boston and based in Brooklyn. his childhood love for playing pretend has allowed him to explore new perspectives and reflect on his own life through narrative films.

Through collaborating with his writing and directing partner Sam Friedman, they are able to set aside individual egos and make every choice with story in mind.

By focusing on flawed characters dealing with intimate relationships he hopes to bring empathy and understanding to every story he develops.
By William Bermudez
Undone (Senior Thesis) - After her mother’s passing, Bella must navigate past memories and fearful dreams in working through her grief and accepting her father.
By William Bermudez
Beneath the Grass (Senior Thesis) - A little boy named Leo yearns for a normal family life after going on the run with his fugitive mom.
By William Bermudez
Artist Statement
Senior Thesis Films -

"Beneath the Grass," an intimate family drama, focuses on a little boy evading the law with his fugitive mom while longing for normal family life. Although the film culminates with intense conflict, the tension allows Leo to begin looking past his mother’s flaws and see her resiliently fighting to give him a good life. The film is based on lived experiences and a larger narrative feature written with co-director Sam Friedman.

"Undone," a psychological narrative film focuses on Bella, a teenage girl after her mother’s death. Bella yearns to connect with her emotionally closed off father Dennis. On the day of their move she listens to her mother’s old lullaby recording at an old stone well near the house. She discovers her egoic inner voice speaking from the well and goes on a journey through old memories and altered ones, her voice wanting to blame Dennis for the death. Bella chooses to escape from her pit of sadness, eventually seeing Dennis as another victim of grief and beginning to connect with him for the first time since her mother’s passing.
The film focuses on a lonely man stuck in his past who is forced to confront his imaginary super hero best friend and his deepest fears when his mother decides to move out with her boyfriend.
A short narrative film focusing on a mother going to extreme lengths to provide Thanksgiving dinner for her child when her daughter is offered Thanksgiving at a wealthy friend's home.