Yuxi Li
Re-envisioning Community Space - market as community bond for different user groups

This thesis aims to reimagine how spatial layering activates the space value of a
limited-use space, and layers diverse interior activities inside the space so that it
can adapt to changing demands from the surrounding neighborhood and survive
the constant shifts in the urban environment. This thesis also explores how the
layering of different user groups can connect them when using the space, while
also clarifying the physical spatial orders and enhancing deep participation by
visitors. The application of the layer typologies will be tested against an urban
Chinese farmer’s market which will be transformed into a community center by
adding three-dimensional spatial layers (both plane and volume) to the whole
exhibition hall
By Yuxi Li
seating area next to staircase
By Yuxi Li
sale area
By Yuxi Li
area for playing chess/card
By Yuxi Li
communication space
By Yuxi Li
platform of the second floor
By Yuxi Li
tea rooms
By Yuxi Li
By Yuxi Li