MA in Art and Design Education Thesis Presentations - May 10
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Thesis Presentations

Art and Design Education (ADE) graduate students conduct thesis research that explores the history and contemporary state of the field of art and design education.  This research is situated within the broader contexts of art and design as well as education and draws on a wide range of research methodologies and theoretical perspectives. Students begin their research by analyzing diverse perspectives on a topic they are curious and passionate about so that they develop the capacity to question assumptions and previous knowledge, accept uncertainty, and situate research within ongoing theoretical and empirical research debates. Doing academic research for the first time involves learning about the field in relationship to both personal and professional values and learning what research is and can be. Through the thesis research process ADE students learn to rely on their intuition and curiosity at the time they become aware of creative and embodied research epistemologies and methodologies. Students develop their self-awareness as emerging and reflective art teachers and scholars.

May 10th, 5.30pm

Students: Cade Smith, Brenda Chapnick, Sofia Mirante, Willa Hut, Alyssa Klemmtz, Jonathon Leung, Elizabeth Moerer, Meghan Gomillion, Rachel Morgenlander


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By MA in Art and Design Education Thesis Presentations - May 10