GenZ is an outdoor exhibition centered in the heart of Pratt Institute’s Brooklyn campus designed by AOS Graphic Design student Scott Stegman. The unique scale, 90 inches high and spanning widths up to 1300 inches, challenged Stegman to address the impact and significance of the featured works by spring 2019 Associate Degree Program graduates in a larger than life arena.

This work was inspired by the movement around the Pratt Brooklyn campus and the generator itself. The design has no beginning or end. It seamlessly flows as the viewer walks around its boarders while mirroring their journey back to them.

GenZ is on view through May 1 and is open to the public.

@soartpratt #prattgenerates

Head Designer, Scott Stegman
Design Assistant, Jonathan Realmuto
Project Coordinator, John De Santis
Curator, Kate Therrian

Generator Project Contributors:
Jamie Edwards
Reina Faust
Mofana Morojele
Kimberley Sampson
Angel Yeldell

Featured works by spring 2019 Associate Degree Program graduates:

Tom Dowling, AOS illustration
James Huber, AAS Graphic Design/Illustration

Harrison Jude, AOS Graphic Design
Poppy Li, AAS Painting Drawing

Sarah Meadows, AOS Game Design/Interactive Media

Image: Scott Stegman, AOS Graphic Design ’20, GenZ