Long Live, Magic
Brooklyn Campus
Film/Video Building

Being that language has and remains to be essential to the way that the black community continues to make their presence known and respected, Long Live, Magic by Devin M. Alexander, BFA Fine Arts ‘20, is a visual display of what it means to be black and magical but also what it means to be human. The hashtags #blackgirlmagic #blackboyjoy #blacklivesmatter and more along the spectrum are not just forms of language limited to social media. These are statements that have developed into affirmations that are spoken, chanted, and even illustrated. In keeping this theme, the work created shows figures with black features reveling in their magic while still celebrating their humanness. Asking audiences that view it, especially black audiences, to do the same.

This exhibition is part of a larger Myrtle Avenue BID initiative, “Black Artstory Month,” which celebrates the long-held space in Fort Greene and Clinton Hill for Black artists and activists to creatively and courageously wield  their words in pursuit of a higher cause. Black Artstory Month 2020 is honoring that legacy while thinking critically about SOME WORDS in our present and future.

Enjoy FREE events, programs, installations, and digital interventions that celebrate the legacy of Black creativity and the power of words created by Black artists and activists in Fort Greene & Clinton Hill through the month of February 2020. For more details and the full Black Artstory Month itinerary visit their website.

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