Terms and Conditions

This website is designed as a simple showcase of student work and the efforts of the Pratt community in the form of an online portfolio and presentations. This project provides every graduating student from Pratt Institute with the opportunity to present their work online.

Pratt encourages its students to explore the boundaries of creativity in creating their work, while remaining mindful of Pratt’s Community Standards and other relevant policies as outlined on the Institute’s website, Pratt.edu.  The works exhibited on this website thus may include material of a graphic or even shocking nature that may be disturbing or offensive to some viewers. Pratt has not reviewed student work prior to its being uploaded to the website and does not necessarily approve or endorse the content of the works or any of the views expressed therein. Pratt Institute is not responsible for any harm or injury resulting from viewing the images; nor does it claim responsibility for any violation of trademark or copyright protections.  Please be aware of your own sensitivities before viewing this website.

If you perceive a violation of copyright, please contact: prattshows@pratt.edu