Vinny Sacchetti
Vinny Sacchetti, who works and performs under the moniker “Bozozo,” is a Maryland-raised multi-media artist who blends the mediums of music, film, animation, and performance art into work that is collage-like and expressive of the abstract, complex emotions of life. With a mark thats loose and colorful but with thematic undercurrents of spirituality and existentialism, his genre-bending style prioritizes an immersive and emotional experience for the viewer.
By Bozozofolio
Thesis - SUNNY FOREVER: A Tale of Unknowing
A psychedelic musical odyssey that follows twenty year old Sunny as she escapes from an institution and spends the night treating the city like it’s a playground, returning to the mind of a child. Simultaneously, her actual child self desperately seeks he
Like People Love to Forget
In fear of a forbidding incident that will end humankind, a scientist goes to nature in order to build a vessel that will preserve his human body.
I Love You Forever
A Brooklyn police officer gets taken on a strange journey after being manipulated into being the star of a Pratt students film project.