Shannon Jo Lyons
Shannon Lyons
Shannon Lyons is a Filmmaker born and raised in Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina. First inspired by her impassioned family's storytelling, then by the persistent documentation of everyday life by her father via his Mini DV handy-cam. She would regularly rope her younger brother Matthew into starring in hundreds of low-budget indie classics including our ten part karate king epic.

She now focuses on writing for film, pre-production and production design, however is most interested in period pieces. She is excited to pursue creating new images and constructing expansive on screen worlds.
By Shannon Jo Lyons
Artist Statement
After the loss of her father, twenty-one-year-old Anna must pull herself out of an isolated depression to sustain their annual ice fishing trip in Northern Vermont. Comfortable in her loneliness and determined to honor her father independently, Anna refuses to accept the help of her Uncle Matt, a kind, old man who lives on the lakefront. His eagerness to care for her only drives her further away until she realizes she cannot do everything alone. Accepting his benevolence puts the two on a track to a newfound relationship, finding meaning in death. PARADISE is a film about learning how to navigate an unfamiliar world after suffering great loss.
It is trying to understand how one leans into maneuvering a world completely new and empty, its benefits and its hardships. How do you make peace with a world that feels cold, harsh, and unfamiliar? Where do we find warmth?
With Hands Like My Mother's
An experimental documentary​ shot on 16 mm exploring the art of braid and femininity.
Tall John
A documentary about trial, error and mid-century modern furniture.
A boy's passion results in a fatal accident.
Where is Joe?
Where is he?